Thursday, February 5, 2009

Max's first week (and a half)

Life with a newborn leaves little time to blogging. Things have been going well. The first few days at home were a bit rough. Besides the lack of sleep from feeding our hungry little man every 1-3 hours, every little grunt and groan I hear when he is sleeping (which is a lot) kept me awake just watching him. Every night it gets a little easier as we get used to his noises and realize he is going to be ok. Changing him seems like baby torture by the way he screams, but lately, that has been getting a bit better too and we have actually had some almost silent diaper and clothing changes now and then. Perry has been a diaper changing machine and the best daddy ever! Max has had 2 doctor appointments and is gaining weight like a champ. We gave him his first big boy bath yesterday and he actually didn't hate it as much as expected. We have had many poop, pee and breast milk leakage accidents but as frustrating as they are, they always make us laugh. We had a couple of outings where Max slept like a champ and missed the tour of his new neighborhood but seemed to like the fresh air.

Here are some stats and events-
  • 1/27: Weight at the doctors on 6lbs, 1.5 oz (day after hospital release)

  • 2/3: Weight at the doctors - 6lbs, 10 1/2 oz (one week later!)

  • 2/2/09: Cord Stump fell off

  • 2/2/09: First stroller ride

  • 2/3/09: First bath

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HoopsTer said...

aww yay!
I cant wait to go home and read this again so I can see the pictures! work has flickr blocked. hmmp.