Wednesday, June 19, 2013


Max's first time bowling. He LOVED it and mommy and Max both bowled a 91, with the bumpers up of course.

Sick Scarlett and Doctor Max

Scarlett demanded Max play doctor with her today. In addition to lots of fake coughing she proclaimed the following:
"I have a fever!"
"I'm sick. I need to rest up."
And my personal favorite, "I have a cut in my mouth. I need medicine!"

Thursday, June 13, 2013


Every time I yawn lately, Scarlett tells me, "You're tired mommy. You need to go to sleep!" If only she would actually let me take a nap.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Old Favorites

Max used to sleep with his stuffed Mario and Bowser plush dolls religiously, but lately he has been on more of a Star Wars/Lego/Angry Birds kick. Subsequently, he has forgotten his old friends, occasionally sleeping with Mario, and altogether leaving Bowser out in the cold.
Tonight before bed, at Max's request (I swear!), we played a few stars on Super Mario 64, a game we haven't touched in ages (ages==a few months).  When being tucked into bed, Max requested to sleep with Mario, and then begged for me to find Bowser also.  Luckily the bugger wasn't too hard to find.  The following dialogue ensued:

Max: "Daddy, can I ask Bowser a question?"
Me: "Uh, sure"  
:: I pick up Bowser and pretend to talk for him ::
Bowser: "Hi Max!"
Max: "I will sleep with you *every* night from now on"
Bowser: "Thanks Max, I love you!"
Max: "I love you too Bowser"

Just like old times

Monday, June 3, 2013

Dress up

Max went to a friends birthday party and not only did he get to decorate a cool sword, but they were nice enough to send him home with a skirt for Scarlett. When getting dressed the morning after these pictures were taken she asked for her Tutu. She's not quite sure if she's a princess or the Tooth Fairy. Perhaps they are the same thing.