Sunday, November 23, 2008

28 weeks

We went to an 8 hour childbirth prepatation class yesterday, I'll post about that a little later. For now, here is a long overdue belly pic of Heather:

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Monthly OB appt

Today I met with Dr. Dimsdale while Dr. Galaif was out on vacation. Dr. Dimsdale was nice and answered all my questions with the answers I was hoping for. Here is all the good news -
  • Blueberry's heart rate is good (around 144 I believe)
  • My blood pressure is perfect
  • My belly measurement is good
  • The soreness I've been getting on the top side of my belly sounds normal and is probably just stretching and bruising from the baby kicking there
  • My Glucose and iron tests came back good

Sleep has been a real issue because of leg cramps and the doctor told me to eat a banana before bed and stretch. Perry gave me a great leg massage yesterday and my sleepytime cramps were pretty minor last night. Thanks Perry!

Back to Dr. Galaif in 4 weeks and then my OB visits will be every two weeks!

In other news, we just started to receive some baby gifts. David and Dom bought us a stroller which was WAY too nice of them, and Meighan and Paul sent us some baby bath time essentials. It's exciting to start filling the house with baby stuff.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Baby's first concert

Last Saturday we took blueberry to his first show: Deerhoof at the Mezzanine. I think it will be good for his future indie cred.

On Sunday we decided on a glider for the nursery: the mighty Dutailier Intermezzo, upholstered in a nice sage microfiber. Its certainly more than we originally intended to spend, but it's rilly rilly nice and can move to the living room when its outlived its usefulness in the nursery. Now we only have one more piece of baby furniture to get--a dresser that can double duty as a changing table. We checked Ikea, but didnt find anything suitable, so we're still on the lookout. A lot of furniture places need 10 or so weeks lead time on orders, so we'll be cutting things close if we don't decide on something soon.

This Saturday is our Childbirth prep class at Day One, its ridiculously long, something like 10 hours. Oh and tomorrow we're meeting with a potential choice for a pediatrician.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Healthy Pregnancy and Newfound Fame

Sometimes I think being pregnant must be a lot like being famous. Everyone stares at me. Sometimes they smile. People I've never talked to stop to chat. Folks comment on my appearance constantly. Strangers ask if I'm excited. I guess everyone loves a pregnant person, but it sure is strange.

On another note, I went to a healthy pregnancy class at Day One yesterday. It was only me and one other girl which gave me the opportunity to ask all my stupid questions. I already knew most of what we went over but it was reassuring to hear everything from an expert so I'm very glad I went. My teacher was Ami, a midwife and a lactation consultant and a very cool lady. She didn't push the homebirth thing at all, but just meeting her and hearing a bit about it made me almost want to consider it. Maybe for the next one.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Ultrasound update and happy 26 weeks

On Friday we went for an ultrasound w/ Dr. Musci to check on the cord issue. All looks relatively the same, which is a good thing. Nicole was our ultrasound check and told us blueberry liked showing off the fact that he was a boy. His head was down and pointed to the left, his spine and butt against my right side and his legs somewhat over to the left but not over his head like last time. I have another visit in 4 weeks to check on things.

Here are some stats -
  • He is now almost 2 pounds - 1 pound 15oz to be exact

  • Heart rate was 148 BPM

  • Growth percentile is 55.5% - a bit up from the last visit

Blueberry was feeling camera shy from the waist up, but here is a video where you can see the side of his head (note the ear), his hands in front of his face, and a nice leg shot (look at those cute toes).

We missed last weeks picture, but here is week 26.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Yoga and Orange Soda

Yesterday I took a prenatal yoga class at "It's Yoga Kids" in the Presidio. Our teacher was really sweet and it was a nice mix of work and relaxation. I'm not sure if I'll stick with it (I might just use a video) but I'll take at least one more class. It felt good to take some time out for myself. They also do baby/mommy and family yoga there so it might be a fun place to bring the little one and Perry if I can drag him there.

This morning I woke up extra early to take my glucose screening test. I drank some Orange soda (it was tasty actually - see picture below), sat around for an hour, and then they took a few vials of blood. Hopefully I'll pass. If I don't, it means I need to come back for a 3 hour test and be pricked 4 times. Of course I'd probably get a lot of free orange soda out of it.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Obama Baby

Blueberry seemed to be real happy about the Obama victory and celebrated by throwing a wild party in my belly at 3AM. Or perhaps he was protesting prop 8. The world will never know.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Last week's pic

Last week we spent our "babymoon" (as the kids are calling it these days) in Kauai. A short recap:
  • we stayed at the Grand Hyatt Resort in Poipu, sort of a splurge for us. The best thing about the resort was its huge pool area and saltwater lagoons.
  • my blackberry fell victim to the ocean on our second day, I had no email access for almost 7 full days. This sucked at first, and then was amazing when I got used to it.
  • frosty drinks at the Hyatt's pool cost $16.50 with tip (lucky there's only one of us enjoying them)
  • we took a cool helicopter tour of the island, one of the highlights of the trip
  • I'm still nursing a bad sunburn
Here's our week 24 pic, taken from the lanai of our hotel room last week:

In other news, we've placed an order last night for our first substantial baby item: the crib. w00t!