Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Monthly OB appt

Today I met with Dr. Dimsdale while Dr. Galaif was out on vacation. Dr. Dimsdale was nice and answered all my questions with the answers I was hoping for. Here is all the good news -
  • Blueberry's heart rate is good (around 144 I believe)
  • My blood pressure is perfect
  • My belly measurement is good
  • The soreness I've been getting on the top side of my belly sounds normal and is probably just stretching and bruising from the baby kicking there
  • My Glucose and iron tests came back good

Sleep has been a real issue because of leg cramps and the doctor told me to eat a banana before bed and stretch. Perry gave me a great leg massage yesterday and my sleepytime cramps were pretty minor last night. Thanks Perry!

Back to Dr. Galaif in 4 weeks and then my OB visits will be every two weeks!

In other news, we just started to receive some baby gifts. David and Dom bought us a stroller which was WAY too nice of them, and Meighan and Paul sent us some baby bath time essentials. It's exciting to start filling the house with baby stuff.