Sunday, November 9, 2008

Ultrasound update and happy 26 weeks

On Friday we went for an ultrasound w/ Dr. Musci to check on the cord issue. All looks relatively the same, which is a good thing. Nicole was our ultrasound check and told us blueberry liked showing off the fact that he was a boy. His head was down and pointed to the left, his spine and butt against my right side and his legs somewhat over to the left but not over his head like last time. I have another visit in 4 weeks to check on things.

Here are some stats -
  • He is now almost 2 pounds - 1 pound 15oz to be exact

  • Heart rate was 148 BPM

  • Growth percentile is 55.5% - a bit up from the last visit

Blueberry was feeling camera shy from the waist up, but here is a video where you can see the side of his head (note the ear), his hands in front of his face, and a nice leg shot (look at those cute toes).

We missed last weeks picture, but here is week 26.