Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Baby's first concert

Last Saturday we took blueberry to his first show: Deerhoof at the Mezzanine. I think it will be good for his future indie cred.

On Sunday we decided on a glider for the nursery: the mighty Dutailier Intermezzo, upholstered in a nice sage microfiber. Its certainly more than we originally intended to spend, but it's rilly rilly nice and can move to the living room when its outlived its usefulness in the nursery. Now we only have one more piece of baby furniture to get--a dresser that can double duty as a changing table. We checked Ikea, but didnt find anything suitable, so we're still on the lookout. A lot of furniture places need 10 or so weeks lead time on orders, so we'll be cutting things close if we don't decide on something soon.

This Saturday is our Childbirth prep class at Day One, its ridiculously long, something like 10 hours. Oh and tomorrow we're meeting with a potential choice for a pediatrician.