Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Moving Out

Yesterday was night 2 of Max sleeping in his crib in his own room. For the past couple of months he's been sleeping in a co-sleeper where it is easy to lay on hand on his chest if he needs some reassurance. I really value my own personal space and I'm pretty tired of sleeping with the light on dim, so I was pretty surprised that I was so sad to see him go. I know it's for the better for all of us, but I will miss his sweet little face next to mine when I open my eyes. I feel like I'm abandoning the little guy even though he's in the room right next to ours, and a really cool room might I add! So far, he's been doing great and slept from about 9:15PM - 4:15AM(to eat) - 7AM both nights.

I've also been working really hard on naps for the past 2 weeks. His naps are a bit shorter than I'd like them to be but I have found a method of getting Max sleepy that really works for Perry and I. We put on the Fleet Foxes and slow dance with him. If he's already really tired we can just put him over our shoulder but if he's fighting it, I cradle him (swaddled if necessary) and dance and he is usually out cold in 2 songs. The longest nap has only been an hour and 10 minutes but I've been getting at least one 45 minute nap every day which is an improvement from his random catnaps. It seems he really is tired every two hours, he just needs some help to realize it.

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