Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Max @ 15 Months!

Our incredibly active boy just turned 15 months on our 5th anniversary. With that came a doctors appointment and an MMR shot. As soon as Max sees the doctor these days, he looses it. In fact he was so hysterical for the routine part of the exam (heartbeat, weight checking, etc.) that he passed out on Perry's lap before his shot. I think the doctor was even more relieved than we were.

Here are some stats:
Weight: 25 pounds (60th % - he's slimming down)
Height: 31 1/2 inches (65th % - he's getting tall!)
Head circumference: 75th %

He is still a super picky eater and sleep is still an issue for us but we wouldn't trade him for anything in the world! He now says momma, dada, ball, bus, bird (although the last three sound the same), and dog. He loves being outside and running around and gets cranky if we coop him up for too long. He LOVES attention, gets a ton of it and seems to get upset when people don't pay attention to him. He's very social and loving. He likes to dance and spin and do somersaults with daddy. And he is clearly the cutest boy in the world :)

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