Monday, July 26, 2010

Happy 1/2 Birthday (18 months!)

Along with Max's happy half birthday came the dreaded well baby check up. This time, I tried to ease tensions between Max and Dr. Simons by having the doctor present him with a shiny new toy truck. It started off great in the waiting room but just when I thought they were best buds, Max LOST it when he saw the exam room and screamed his head off as usual.

Here are his stats -
Height - 32.52 inches/ 2.7 feet (55%)
Weight - 26.8 pounds (55%)
Head Circumference - 49 cm (80%!)

So Max is slimming down (probably because he eats nothing but Joe's O's and goldfish), but is still a healthy weight and height and developing and growing marvelously.

Here are some of the words that Max has been using lately in addition to mama and dada - Ball, book, bird, bus, dog, duck, truck, rock, up, moon, no, nose, eyes, block, boat, car, blue, hat, "M", and a whole lot of animal noises.

He's been really into playing with cars and trucks, having us read to him (and is very particular about his choices), watching Yo Gabba Gabba, running, going down the slide on his own, playing in the dirt and touching flowers and plants, climbing and jumping all over the furniture, and headbutting and wrestling with daddy.

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