Sunday, May 1, 2011

Welcome Scarlett!

Scarlett Valentine Wagner
Born on 4/16/11 at CPMC 5:28 PM
8 Pounds, 10oz - 20 1/2 inches

I suppose I should have mentioned the fact that I was expecting baby number two somewhere in the last 10 months of this blog. I must admit I feel a little guilt for blogging every detail of Max's time inside my tummy, and not even mentioning expecting our little girl, but when you are taking care of a toddler, it leaves little time for other things. My pregnancy was pretty easy, other than getting HUGE and chasing around a crazy toddler with a big belly (which by the way, Max has declared my big belly button his lovey). Unlike her brother, Scarlett decided she did not want to check out of hotel Heather early, and had to be induced 8 days past her due date. Labor and delivery was a breeze (after an early epidural), lasting a little under 6 hours. At 5:28pm on April 16th, our 8 pound, 10oz sticky baby emerged. Perry stayed at the hospital until 11PM that night, and then went home to take care of Max. This was my first time away overnight since he's been born, and I missed my boys so much that I considered checking out early. Perry did an amazing job being Mr. Mom while I was gone, and Scarlett gave Max some presents (James and Toby trains) to soften the blow. We've heard a lot of "put the baby down" from Max over the past two weeks, but for the most part Max seems to be adjusting pretty well for a two year old. The true test will be when Perry goes back to work on Monday.

Lots of pictures of Scarlett's first week on our flickr site -

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