Friday, June 24, 2011

Scarlett at 2 months

Our little girl is a big girl! Here are her stats from her two month appointment.
Height: 23 inches - 75%
Weight: 13 Pounds, 6 oz - 99.9%!
Head Circumference: 40.40cm - 90%!

The doctors visit went well but about two hours after her vaccines, she SCREAMED for over 2 hours straight. It was pretty heartbreaking and we called the doctor since I was sure there must be something awfully wrong since Max never reacted this way. I guess parents do quickly forget because my doctor was sure we called him with the exact same worries after Max got his 2 month shots. After some motrin, she seemed to recover after that first evening.

Overall, Scarlett has been a pretty easy baby. She has her cranky moments like all babies do, but she is pretty easy to soothe and has been sleeping way better than her brother did at the same age.

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