Saturday, February 22, 2014

Max's Yellow Belt Test

Today was Max's first Kung Fu test for his yellow belt.  Years days of his hard work and determination would finally pay off.

A lot of waiting was involved.  About 16 students had their belt test today and each had to be tested individually. All in all, we were there for about 90 minutes.

waiting patiently

First, Max had to demonstrate how to escape from a few arm/wrist grabs.

bowing to Sifu Daniel
escaping a wrist grab

The toughest part of the test is demonstrating your form.  The white belts had to perform a "Five Stances" form by themselves.  It's a series of about 20 or so moves, and was what we've had Max practice over the past week.

Five Stances form

After showing his form, for the final part of the test, all the kids had to break a wood board with a kick.  We were a little caught off guard-we hadn't watched a test before, and we were worried that Max might not know what to do (or get discouraged if he couldn't break the board).
The teachers walked the kids through it though, and all was well.  Plus the fact that the laminated boards would probably break if you looked at them wrong helped.

Max rocked it and broke his board into 3 pieces. While sitting down waiting for the other kids to attempt their board break, Max decided to build a structure with his broken pieces of wood.

from demolisher to architect

Max was very happy and can't wait to collect his belt next week at the belt ceremony.  We are super proud of our little guy!

a very proud kung fu dude

Afterwards, we all went out for Tuckers ice cream to celebrate!

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