Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Dramatic girls come in small packages

Another birthday means another trip to the doctor. I had the option of waiting till next year for vaccines, but the doctor talked me into a few. During her last shots, she didn't even shed a tear. This time however, she couldn't be more dramatic. According to Scarlett, this is because she had thicker skin last time. A visit to the toy store and even begging a restaurant for her favorite bread made her happy for a fleeting moment, but then she would remember her traumatic experience and break down crying. She couldn't get to sleep because, "I can't stop thinking about it!" If she is this dramatic now, I can't wait to see her teenage years :)

This visit also confirmed that Scarlett indeed is a little nugget. At her 3 year appointment she was 7% for height. At 4 years she is a bit under 37 inches and has dropped a bit to 2.5%. The doctor feels like she is just slow to grow and isn't too concerned, but she would like us to do a bone age test (just a hand X-ray) to be sure. Her weight has been pretty consistent at 17% the past few years which is currently about 31 pounds.

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John and Cindy said...

Oh my...someone in our family who is small. Welcome to the club!

(We're small but we're smart!)