Thursday, October 16, 2008

Perinatal Assoc visit #3

Today was our third visit to SF Perinatal Associates, where we get our high-def ultrasounds. Whereas the first two visits were our ultrascreen (at 13 wks) and second trimester screen (at 18 wks), this was a followup because the doctor saw a slight dilation of the umbilical veil at the 18 wks ultrasound. We got the same ultrasound technician as our first visit--I think her name was Sarah. She was really nice and took the time to point out the various parts she was taking measurements of. The baby was in a breech position--his butt was pointed downwards, and he had his legs and feet up in front of his face. I guess this is a dangerous position to deliver the baby in, but its perfectly fine for now--the technician said the baby will do plenty more moving around in the next 3 months.
On to the important item: the umbilical vein measurement, which was .77 cm, last time it measured approximately .6cm. Dr. Musci said that it is still not quite large enough to be classified as varicose or varyx. So, for now, this is all good news. He does want to keep an eye on it, so we have scheduled another ultrasound in a little over 3 weeks from now.
The plus side of having to come in for another ultrasound is that we got to see a lot more of boyberry. The movie Heather posted earlier is a neat 4D clip where you can see him with one of his feet up in front of his face.
Here's some of the boyberry's stats:
  • his heart rate was 153 bpm
  • 1 lb 3 oz
  • growth is 44th percentile
Finally, here is the week 22 picture: