Thursday, January 22, 2009

36 weeks and 4 days check up

I'm 3 days away from full term today and saw Dr. Callen today because Dr. Galaif is out of the office. This was my first time meeting her and I couldn't be more pleased. I found out I am Strep B negative which is good news. This means I will not have to get antibiotics when my water breaks and if it happens before I go into labor, I can stay at home for a bit. I'm still not dilated at all. Baby is at -2 station and I'm slightly thinned which I'm told is pretty typical for where I'm at. She was able to tell the position of blueberry by feeling my belly and listening for a heartbeat with a stethoscope - back on the right, butt on top, feet over to the left and head still down. How could he possibly be comfortable like that?

All is good and now it's just a waiting game I guess.

Tomorrow is my last day of work!!! I am really looking forward to a few weeks of relaxing.