Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Two Months Young

We'll try and do better with this blog thing but we have had little time. Perry spent Max's first 6 weeks with him and then went back to work. I am now on week 3 alone with Max and it's been going well. I've actually be able to shower (almost) everyday and get out for fresh air. Today Max went shopping with mom and was pretty well behaved. However, I did learn last week that he detests Target. Yesterday was Max's 2 month doctors appointment and his first Vaccines. We decided to go with the Dr. Sears method of vaccination where he will get almost all the vaccines but on a different schedule so he doesn't get too many at once. He cried of course but was a champ and quickly calmed down. We are proud of our big boy. On other medical notes, Max has pretty bad reflux and we have him on baby prevacid which seems to be helping the discomfort but will not reduce the actual spit up which he will eventually outgrow. This means we change Max a LOT and about everything in our house has been spit up on. Glad we didn't get a new sofa like we were planning on.

Speaking of big boy, here are some stats from the doctor -
  • Weight - 12 pounds
  • Head Circumference - 39.3 cm
  • Height 22.5 inches long (50th percentile up from 5th! - Maybe he won't be a shorty after all!)
And here are some Milestones -
Flipped over from back to front - 2 weeks old! That's our strong boy!
First Smile - 8 weeks old (3/21)
First Coo - Around 6 weeks old
First big boy bath with daddy (he loved it so much he pooped!) - 8 weeks old

Max is becoming more alert, fun, and handsome every day. He has been crying less although a bit more difficult to get to sleep lately. Still, I'd happily trade a little sleep deprivation for a happy baby.

Lots of great pictures here -

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