Friday, April 24, 2009

3 Months Old!

Our little man turns 3 months old today on our 4th wedding anniversary. Things have been great. We went on our first vacation to wine country and took Max on his first hike ever in the Armstrong Redwood National Park. Perry did a great job hiking with all the extra weight.

Speaking of extra weight, Max was weighed in at the doctor yesterday and is 14 pounds! This means he is now in the 70th percentile for weight, up from the 5th percentile when he was born. Dr. Simons printed up his growth chart and gave us a gold star for our good work.

Max's mood keeps improving. He still has his fussy times but he spends way more time being happy. He gives us lots of smiles and laughs every morning and thinks raspberry's are just hysterical. He loves eating his hands and making out with his bear blanket friend Beary (see below). His legs are so strong he can stand with just a little help from us and he seems to love to do it. He is "talking" a lot saying things that sound like "hi" and "hey" and other cute sounds. He finally likes his swing which gives us much needed breaks. He still is not a fan of napping and is going to bed too late (around 11 on average sometimes with 1 middle of the night feeding) but we're working on that. Real sleep training will probably start next month, but for now we are giving him a break for being 3 weeks early and struggling with reflux. He is still spitting up like a champ (even more so) but for the most part it doesn't seem to bother him at all and sometimes he gives us a big smile after he spits up. I'm really glad we didn't get the beautiful new sofa we were considering.

Tomorrow Monica and Steve are going to babysit so we go out to somewhere nicer than Denny's for our anniversary. We are all a bit nervous about it but I'm sure it will be fine, right?

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