Wednesday, July 8, 2009

East Coast Trip

The rest of our time in NH was rainy, but we had a great time. On the positive, we didn't have to worry about protecting our white boy from the sun. Max was in such a great mood the whole time, perhaps from all the attention he got from the grandparents. Grandma and Grandpa D made Max laugh and smile a ton! He napped amazingly on the trip as well. At home I usually get 45 minute naps out of him but on our trip, we got a couple of 2 hour naps. I know he will miss all the love he got in NH.

After 4 1/2 days in NH, we boarded a plane to NY to see grandpa Joel, family and friends. Our plane was delayed but we finally made it to NY where the weather finally cleared up after a few more days of rain. Grandpa and Max were happy to see each other and great grandma Frieda was ecstatic to meet her great grandson. Here she is making faces at him and singing him songs in Hungarian.

And here is grandpa Joel talking baby talk.

The purpose of this trip was for my mothers unveiling. It breaks my heart that not only was she never able to meet him, but she passed before I knew I was pregnant. It was way too hot the day of her unveiling and we decided it was best to keep Max at home with Perry (they went for a walk on the boardwalk). I know my mother would be so happy for us, and would love our little red head to pieces. I like to think her spirit lives on through him and somehow she is looking down at us and smiling.

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Jerry said...

Mom and Dad look so happy in those photos! I'm psyched to hear that the flights were so uneventful.