Thursday, July 30, 2009

Happy Half Birthday!!!!

Max celebrated his half birthday with some delicious pears. We are feeding him 2 meals a day now and he's doing great with the solids. I made him some nectarines the other day (baked, blended, strained and froze them) and he LOVED them. I must admit, they are quite delicious.

So with the good of turning a half of a year old comes the bad... 6 months doctor visit and shots. Max has been having a lot of issues sleeping these past two nights (although he is STILL not sleeping through the night regardless) and mommy and daddy are exhausted. Here are some stats from the doctor:
  • Weight: 18 pounds 11.5 oz (75%)
  • Height: 26.5 inches (50%)
  • Head Circumference: 44 cm (55%) Seems he didn't get cursed with the Wagner/Petoff big head
Max seems to make Dr. Simons very happy. Not only because he's so damn cute, but because he remembers when Max was a colicky, miserable disposition-challenged baby and is so happy to see the charming, happy baby that he has become. Once again he took his shots like a champ and was very mellow during his exam which surprised me a bit since he's been such a hyper (but fun) baby lately. He likes to give me kisses (although technically it's more like he's trying to eat me), and climb all over us. He's got a ton of energy and lunges towards our faces. He's trying really hard to to crawl and seems to make his way far off the blanket we put him on but his attempts usually result in crawling backwards or flipping over. He is super strong, and can support all his weight on his legs and stand with just holiding on to our fingers. Overall, 6 months is such a fun age and it's crazy to see how far he's come from the little lump we were handed a short time ago.

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